Top travel trends we’re tracking right now

As guests start traveling again, find out how and when they’re booking stays.

After many weeks of shelter-in-place orders, travel restrictions are easing up in some areas.

Guests are staying closer to home, compared to hotels, and according to our data, they’re more likely to book stays outside of major cities right now. We’re also noticing much more popularity among spaces like cabins, apartments, Bed&Breakfast, Family hotels, studios, villas, cottages etc this year in comparison to last year, which reflects this trend.

We’ve identified major travel trends on Stay Solution, which you can use to adapt your hosting strategy:

Guests are searching for entire homes

We’ve noticed that more travelers than usual are limiting their searches to entire homes and apartments. These private spaces are understandably more attractive right now due to concerns about cleanliness.

What you can do:

  • If you have an entire space, consider offering self check-in with contactless entry
  • Consider highlighting how thorough you are when it comes to cleaning your space, and be available to answer any guests’ questions about your cleaning routine
  • If you’re listing an entire home on stay Solution, you might consider highlighting that in your listing title.

What you can do:

  • Update your listing details to include why your space is perfect for staycations and guests who are coming from other countries.
  • For example, if you have a pool or a backyard, you might even include that in your listing title. Guests are looking for amenities right now, not exotic locations.
  • According to internal data, the amenities guests are currently most interested in include wifi, kitchens, air conditioning, and parking

Group travel is trending

We’re noticing that larger groups than usual are booking stays on StaySolution. At least part of this trend is related to families traveling after months of being at home together.

What you can do:

  • If your space is family-friendly, update your description and add photos to let guests know
  • Make sure your space is prepped for families and groups by stocking extra towels and sheets, cleaning supplies, and other helpful amenities.

We’ll continue to monitor the market closely and share travel trends, hosting tips, and new tools to support your hosting business.